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Job interviews are stressful for both employers and candidates. Sometimes, it takes multiple interviews before you find a job that is the right fit for you. While some of these interview tips are obvious, others are not as apparent. Be sure to put your best foot forward. While every company is different, these tips are generally good to keep in mind as you get ready for an interview.

Before the interview:

  • Dress appropriately. Research the company via social media and website to get a feel for the company’s dress code. If a company is business casual, then showcase your best version of their dress code. If it’s a professional dress environment, wear formal business attire such as a suit. Make sure you and your clothes are clean.
  • Attend the interview on your own. Attend an interview alone. If someone drives you to the interview, then ask them to drop you off and pick you up once the interview is over.
  • Turn off your cell phone. Keep your phone silent and tucked away to let the interviewer know your time is dedicated to them.
  • Be prepared. Research the company and understand the job requirements. A good rule of thumb is to go over typical interview questions before the interview. You will feel more confident at the time of interview if you come prepared.

During the interview:

  • Be professional. How you present yourself is important. Create a strong first impression. Maintain eye contact with interview panel. Be aware of the language and gestures you use.
  • Be self-aware. When speaking to others, watch your body language. Show a calm and friendly demeanor. Display confidence but refrain from being arrogant – it indicates that you’re not collaborative or a team player.
  • Be truthful. If you landed an interview, there must be something in your resume the employer liked. Show them that you are the star candidate and honestly convey your successes and skills. Dishonesty gets discovered fast and often leads to job offers being withdrawn.
  • Be positive about your current/past employers. Keep bad experiences with previous employers to yourself.  Remain positive and professional. What you say speaks volumes about your character.
  • Do not ask about pay, vacation days or benefits immediately. Focus on landing the job, not the perks. Let the employer bring up the salary/benefits discussion or wait until an offer is made.
  • Ask questions. Prepare specific questions for your interview and show the hiring manager that you are excited about the company and the job. Every company and interview is different but the questions below may be a good start:

  – What are the company’s goals in the next five years?

 – Tell me a little more about the workplace culture here.

– What are the keys to success for an employee here

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